Stef ♥Gru41weeks Due June 23; 51 kids; United Kingdom 2095 posts
Aug 20th '12

Death scares me. I don't want to be there when it happens. I don't want to know what it feels like. When I hear news stories of people being killed or that have died, I freak out more, about what if that happens to me or one of my family members. How would I cope, how would they cope. I also hate that we are going into an unknown, I cannot comprehend how we can cease to exist, because we have energies, because we have thought. How does thought even stop, does it even stop? If we knew what it was like after we have died I probably would 't find it so scary (well depending what isin store for us). But the unknown freaks me out so much. And if there is nothing, absolutely nothing after we have passed then what is our purpose. Life and things that we do seem....... pointless.

MrsK09 Due January 14; 50 kids; Kentucky 1866 posts
Aug 21st '12

I'm scared of dying. I think about it everyday, I kneew its not natural and I've brought it up before but it was shrugged off.
I'm also scared of leaving my children behind.

NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6268 posts
Aug 23rd '12

Terrified. Though it's not so much that I'm scared of death, but I'm scared of not exhisting anymore (because I believe there is nothing after death). I am really scared of knowing that I am going to die, I think that would be the most horrible thing. I'm obsessed with it, I think about it literally for hours daily. I think it's a problem but I haven't talked to my doctor about it.