Single, 17, and going to be a parent! Kelsie Tant Due November 9 (girl); Japan 1 posts
Aug 20th '12

You have your whole life ahead of you and you dont think for a minute that you will ever be that girl that got pregnant in high school. The day I found out I was pregnant I was devastated. I thought about my softball career, I thought about how I was going to make it through the rest of my Junior and Senior Pregant or with a baby. It got worse when I started thinking about how I was going to do this without the babies father around. Me and the babies dad broke up a week before I found out I was pregnant because one I caught him cheating on me with his EX and two I found out about all the drugs he was doing behind my back. It was heart breaking knowing that my little girl had a dead beat dad that did care about ANYBODY but HIMSELF. After I told him I was pregnant he told me he didnt want anything to do with me or the kid cause my kid wasnt his! I didnt really feel like arguing with him so I left it alone.
I am six months into my pregnancy and havnt found anybody worth my time. Not that I am looking but it would be nice to have the support from a man that loves me besides my dad! And anybody that is single and has a kid or is prego like me knows its half way inpossible to find a great guy with will take on the responsabilites of being a father.
I still have not finished school but in the process. (If anybody needs a good online school program go to Texas Connections. Its free and you can finish all your schooling very fast depending on how hard you work at it.) If anybody else is going through the same thing I am feel free to comment. Cause your not the only one.

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Aug 20th '12

Being a young single mom is hard but it can be done, I promise. You are not the first, the only or the last.

Good luck to you.

arial-danielle Due October 20 (girl); Las Vegas, Nevada 68 posts
Aug 20th '12

im not as young as you but im 22 and im going to be a single parent. my babies dad and i broke up before he even got me pregnant and he "supposibly" got someone else pregnant 10 weeks before me (she already had her baby) he still has no job and even when we were together(which was 4 years) i was the one working and taking care of us. just keep your head up and youll eventually find someone who is willing to take on the responsibility of being a father and will love you both. as for now, just worry about you and your little one. as soon as your baby is here, nothing else will even matter and youll be happy you dont have to deal with the stress of having that guy in your life. good luck to you!

-aychsweez- 17 kids; Memphis, 6228 posts
Aug 20th '12

Coming from a teen mother, well im 20 now... But if you read my latest thread, and all of it, i know first hand how shitty having regrets is. And having a BD choose drugs over your child and you. Dont waste your time on anyone else but you and that baby... You WILL regret the time you missed and beat yourself up over it sooner or later... Stay strong, dont let anyone talk you into anything that wouldnt be good for you or baby.. Spend as much time with that baby once its here because the first year is the most amazing and theres no getting that back once its missed... Looking at pictures of their 'firsts' isnt the same... Youll be sitting here looking at your 2 year old, no longer the baby you missed out on, and cry... Its the worst feeling ever. Look at that child as your pride and joy, your everything, your world, your motivation. And one day, everything will fall together like it should. If you wanna talk, feel free to PM me or PT me. Congrats and good luck!

Jillian Lindsey 2 kids; Mosheim, Tennessee 2354 posts
Aug 20th '12
Quoting Kelsie Tant:" You have your whole life ahead of you and you dont think for a minute that you will ever be that girl ... [snip!] ... hard you work at it.) If anybody else is going through the same thing I am feel free to comment. Cause your not the only one."

im 18 got pregnantat 17 and started dating a guy when i was 33week pregnant its workinout great i dont know many men that would date a prgnant teen (if the baby isnt theirs) much less help raise a baby hang in there just take care ofyourself and your baby when the right man comes around youll know

Frankie Dove Due November 4; United Kingdom 21 posts
Aug 23rd '12

I am 17 and currently 29 weeks pregnant, The father of my little girl tried for ages to convince me to have an abortion, I said no because I just don't believe in abortions. Then he said he would stand by me. He came to the first and second scan with me, he was fine and happy. Then when I was 26 weeks pregnant he walked out me, totally out of the blue and at random, He went to stay at a friends and he emailed me a few days later saying he couldn't be there any more but he would still help with the baby. A couple of weeks passed and I woke up on our year's anniversary to see that he had dumped me over Facebook. He has emailed only a few times asking how the baby is but nothing spectacular. He has missed several antenatal appointments and he hasn't even given me his address so I don't know where he is living. Then 2 days I received an email from my him saying that he was going to go work on a cruise ship in 13 weeks, even though his daughter is born in 11 weeks. He also said that he wouldn't pay for her.

So my little girl has a dead beat dad too, He is pretending that he doesn't have a child. I am happy with being a single mum, I know it will be hard because I am only 17 but I have my family to support me which I am very grateful for.

Personally I think that if boys/men are adult enough to make a baby then they should be adult enough to look after their baby.

Good luck with everything! :)

Holly Olsen Due September 22; TBD, FL, United States 7 posts
Aug 26th '12

I got pregnant at a young age. I found out 6 days before my 18th birthday my senior year. I was also broken up from my daughter's father. He was 21 at the time. He couldn't hold down a job, smoked pot constantly, and never offered any support. I chose to raise my daughter without him in the picture, and utilized the small support from my family and local community agencies. I know that right now you want someone to be there for you, but try and just focus on you and your baby, and things WILL fall into place. I went to college and met my now husband my senior year when I was 24 and already self sufficient. When you can stand on your own two feet, the good ones come around. Men are attracted to independent, confident woman...I wish you luck, and I hope you find your path on your own and let love come when it's ready :)

EDier1 Due November 8; Melbourne, Florida 4 posts
Aug 29th '12

I understand what your going through. Im 17 and I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my first. I dated the guy for 2 years but the day I told him I was pregnant he left saying he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby. His mom told me how I was destroying his life and that they wanted in no way to be involved. Needless to say I was heartbroken. But now when I look at it I'm really glad I learned the truth about him. And it is very hard to find somebody to date that is relatively our age and doesnt mind you having a kid already, but I know when the time is right there will be somebody thats perfect. For now just get lots of support from friends and family, they are who truly matter.