15, pregnant, and scared taraParke Due May 19; Virginia 3 posts
Aug 19th '12

I am fifteen years old and bout 5 weeks pregnant
I am most def gonna keep the baby
I am in 10th grade, and in honnors classes
I am pushing to finish school, and not let being pregnant get in the way of that
I dont come from a rich family so of course money is gonna be a big issue
I even feel discouraged sometimes. Like: "can i actually do this.?"
I just need someone to talk to and to lift my spirits up a little bit<3

user banned (boy); 2 kids; f**king, Austria 36337 posts
Aug 19th '12

Don't quit school and good luck!

-aychsweez- 17 kids; Memphis, 6228 posts
Aug 19th '12
Quoting ℳary ℐane:" Don't quit school and good luck!"

I quit school before even getting pregnant, and i have never regretted something so much in my life. Gotta stay strong and push through the hard times.

Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
Aug 19th '12

Don't quit school! I walked across the stage for graduation 8 months pregnant at age 17 (I finished school a semester early).
Is there a school you can go to so you can possible finish school sooner?

RG;;Leah'sMummy :) 1 child; Huddersfield, United Kingdom 81 posts
Aug 19th '12
Quoting taraParke:" I am fifteen years old and bout 5 weeks pregnant I am most def gonna keep the baby I am in 10th grade, ... [snip!] ... sometimes. Like: "can i actually do this.?" I just need someone to talk to and to lift my spirits up a little bit<3"

Your going to be scared, i'm 19 and having my first i'm always thinking can i actually do this too. So you're not the only one lol. At least you have said your going to finish school and not give up :) everybody gets scared and worried, but i'm sure we can do this :D does your family know? And are they a big support because they could help you, try not to worry and stress, just have a goodthink about things. :)

Due October 16 (boy); United Kingdom 368 posts
Aug 19th '12

I couldn't comment on whether you "can do this" but the fact you are worried about that, have thought about your choices and want to finish your education says alot about you, I hope you have a supportive family I think they're the best people to speak to as they know you :)

taraParke Due May 19; Virginia 3 posts
Aug 19th '12

Thanks for all of your comments
Yeah i go to a school where i could possibly finish early
And yes. My family have been very supportaive.
Its so amazing to know that Im not the only one who knows what this feels like
My boyfriend tries to understand why im so moody all the time. Because on top of all the pain and morning sickness im going through, i have to worry about the health of our baby, school, money issues, i just have alot on my plate right now.....

Due October 16 (boy); United Kingdom 368 posts
Aug 19th '12

I know its different because we are about 10 years apart and I can't imagine the anxiety of being a pregnant teen but I found myself pregnant in the middle of my first year of uni, I had no money and school to worry about, getting my exams done was a feat, I missed alot because I was so fatigued in the first trimester but I worked very hard for my exams and essay deadlines, I'm only 32 weeks pregnant now so I can't say from my experience it'll all be alright but with determination at least my education wasn't effected - the stress was immense though especially as I was so hormonal plus it makes you feel very vulnerable also my bf was an idiot and not as mature as me I split with him at 12 weeks

*mommy to 3* Due March 7 (girl); 2 kids; Virginia 1167 posts
Aug 19th '12

I was 16 when I got pregnant the first time. I was scared to death. My family didnt have alot of money either. But it can be done. You have to make the decision for yourself that no this isnt what you planned but that you are going to make the best of it. My son inspired me to achieve things i never thought would be possible. Its hard to be a teen parent and its hard to be a single mom but you are stronger than you think. My oldest son is now 6 years old. I'm 23 (almost 24) and happily married with a 2nd child and a 3rd on the way. We own our home and have a good stable life for our family. I'm still working to finish my college degree and yes it has taken a while. But i refuse to give up on my dream. Keep your head up and give yourself a pep talk whenever you start feeling defeated. It might be hard, but us teen moms are fighters :)

KB 2 kids; Summerville, South Carolina 304 posts
Aug 19th '12

I am having my second at 22 and I still have moments where I think "Oh god, can I do this!?" BRAVO for fighting for your education. I let mine slip away from me. A lot of young women do. The fact you are in honor classes, serious about your education, and trying to be resposnible ... that says a lot about the type of mother you are going to be. Remember to take each day at a time, breathe, and do your best.

I know there are programs that can help you with education. One of them is JobCorps here in the US. I'd look into those. You can get a great start on your life and learn to become more selfreliant for your baby.

Katharine16 Due December 7 (boy); Petersburg, Virginia 6 posts
Aug 19th '12

I'm 16 and having my first
I got pregnant at 15 too turned 16, 3 weeks ago
And it's so scary but if u have the support from your family then u will do fine
My sister and mom are very supportive of me keeping my son
Best of luck and I'm here if u need to talk

mommyofonexo 1 child; New York 53 posts
Sep 18th '12

DON'T BE SCARED and don't give up schooling. Im only 17 and was 3 and a half months pregnant when I graduated high school and I had such bad morning sickness at first that I missed a whole month of school and didn't think I could do it. But I busted my ass for those last 2 months and walked across the stage!
I'm now 27 w 3 days and am starting college in January. Just a few weeks after my son is due. It's a struggle being a teenager ans having to rely on your bf or parents for a lot of things. But if you go to school and graduate and continue on to college, you'll have a much better chance at giving your son/daughter a wonderful life. Good luck, and don't give up! PT me if you ever want to talk :)

Daniels Mommy♥ Due February 13; 1 child; Michigan 434 posts
Sep 19th '12

I'm 16 and 9 weeks pregnant it's just something you'll look forward to when you graduate, the baby watching you, it'll be proud:)
Good luck<3 Don't quit school :)