The Dandelion Rapist 18 kids; New Mexico 6885 posts
Aug 18th '12

Should be fine. My doctor instructed me that when I go to pick up LO to have her stand on something so it is less strain on me when I was pregnant.

Leila ☺ Benny 2 kids; Chalmette, Louisiana 2057 posts
Aug 18th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting "The b**b" [HM]:</b>" FYI, I just thought about it. I am out of work right now for a laparoscopic surgery because my job description ... [snip!] ... floor. It was horrendous. But as far as safety for the pregnancy, I am sure it's fine. Many of us have done it before."</blockquote>

Oh my goodness. Im glad y'all are okay! Thanks for the warning.

Preston, Adam, Eli's Momm 19 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 4057 posts
Aug 18th '12

I lift my boys. They are 5(43lbs) and almost 4(36lbs). Im 36w tomorrow. I dont really carry them anymore because its uncomfortable for me. But i still hold them and everything.

Liz McArthur 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 718 posts
Aug 18th '12

I'm 22 weeks and my daughter is 18 months and just under 30 lbs I think. I still pick her up but I would just say listen to your body. Every once in awhile my stomach muscles get sore and I can tell I've been carrying her too long or too much. I try to pick her up from a sitting position more that straight from standing. It's hard on your back if you don't lift right either. It's unrealistic to say you'll never pick your child up, but like I said, just listen to your body. Everyone is different.

Susan0329 2 kids; California 4396 posts
Aug 18th '12
Quoting Dawn&Leila +1?:" My DD is 40lbs. I just found out that I'm expecting. Is it okay for me to lift her and/or pick her up? TIA."

i didnt carry my daughter the first 3 months and only carried her periodically throughout my pregnancy but the last month i was too big and tired for her she is aboutl 34lbs so i would say play it by ear and how you feel..