1st prenatal appointment Laura Liz 2 kids; Olney, Illinois 82 posts
Aug 16th '12

Today is my very first prenatal appointment and I am 9 weeks pregnant. what should I expect to happen at this appointment? I was told by some family members that they ask for a family history, blood work, urine and a blood pressure check. will they want to do an ultrasound? I had one done at the hospital about 8 days ago because I was having vaginal bleeding. the bleeding has stopped about 4 days ago and I haven't had any since. any tips/things to remember to bring with me that I shouldn't forget to mention? tia

Lady Anon Due December 25 (girl); 1 child; Davenport, Iowa 4610 posts
Aug 16th '12

I dont think they will do an ultrasound, they did at my first appointment to find out how far i was cause my periods are wack.

Just the Sea's mom 1 child; Keokuk, IA, United States 3286 posts
Aug 16th '12

they probably won't do an ultrasound but they might since you did have bleeding. Sounds like they told you just about everything.

Nufan 18 kids; Missouri 1743 posts
Aug 16th '12

any meds you are taking.
they make you pee in a cup
take your blood.......ALOT
and talk about family history
then youll do a pap.
thats how all 3 of mine went. I never got an ultrasound till 12 weeks or so.