leg cramps. Kim Shelton Due January 22 (boy); Clarksville, Tennessee 3 posts
Aug 15th '12

I am 17 weeks today and boy oh boy I am having leg legs hurt me so bad...I called in to work today because my legs hurt and im just exhausted...I have to stand on my feet all day at work and it just wears me out...I just got out of a warm bath tried soaking the pain away but they still hurt...any suggestions as to what I can do?

P E N I S ™ Due February 27; 34 kids; Washington 13761 posts
Aug 15th '12

Eat bananas. the potassium will help leg cramps.

i'm a new soul 2 kids; Worcester, Massachusetts 1345 posts
Aug 15th '12

Wait till you get to 26 wks I've had them do bad they wake me out if my sleep! Just do lots of stretching :)