sick again??? Da Mama :) Due April 21; 33 kids; Huntington, West Virginia 453 posts
Aug 13th '12

my son was 32 week peemie, hospitalized 3 times (initial nicu, severe brady cardias, and upper respiratory infection). now he is almost 6 months(looks like a fat toddler, counting my blessings on that) and sick yet again with another upper respiratory infection plus a double ear infection! i guess my question is, how often does your preemie(s) get sick? im driving myself crazy thinking im doing something wrong but i know im a good mommy... just love my little man too much to watch him repeatedly get sick. any advice??
thanks in advance

Brandi Eastman 2 kids; Youngsville, Pennsylvania 1452 posts
Aug 13th '12

Most preemies have a mess of medical problems, especially respatory issues because their lungs aren't fully developed when they are born and they have to play catch-up. for your situation, it is normal.

Mary Stickles Due May 22; 4 kids; Virginia Beach, Virginia 978 posts
Aug 14th '12

My 33 weeker just got over a cold that lasted three weeks. i know it sucks just handwash and sanitize as much as you can give tylebol if he gets a fever and cuddle him lots