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Aug 13th '12

Sleeping is impossible, eating followed by getting sick. I am at my wits ends.

LO has another Oncology appointment in one week. We went in May of this year and the doctor told us there was no need for LO to have any 'extra' treatment other then operations to remove the tumor/s as they grow. There was no need to see her for another 2-3 years.

She requested a MRI (which we did on the 10th). I had her paged well we where at the hospital and she was "to busy" to pop in really quick to answer a few questions. She hasn't responded to email's nor phone calls.

Honestly, this may sound selfish, but every August they do all this testing when I request for it to be in May (so it doesn't effect our schooling).

Hmm. and the wheels keep turning.