vivalacandy Texas 82 posts
Aug 17th '12
Quoting Erica! Jake & Abby's mom!:" I've been single for 3 months now and this is the happiest I've ever been...I get sad thinking about how sad he is b/c he isn't taking it well but ultimately I have to do what's best for me"

I do feel better being single. it's more the "what ifs" that get to me-"what if things worked out?" "what if he really changed"..

anonymom + 1.5 2 kids; West Virginia 10787 posts
Aug 17th '12
Quoting vivalacandy:" Do you get lonely? do you plan to stay single after a bad split or do you still want to be with someone in the future? why didnt your relationship work? and HOW many kids do you have?"

Yes, for a while but I'm open to being in a relationship, because of his lies/abuse/neglect/etc, we have two.

ReesieLove... 2 kids; Grand Prairie, Texas 2005 posts
Aug 17th '12

Well we are doing a separation but it will probably lead to a divorce. I get a little lonely but not really for him, just the help another person would offer. I plan to be single for at least a little while but I'm only 23 do I don't plan on being single forever and we have 2 kids