Ellie Hurd Due October 13; Japan 2 posts
Aug 30th '12

Hi oct mommies, i am due oct 14 th and we are having a boy. This is my third boy and my husbands first baby. From what the doctor has told us the baby weighs about 5 lbs now and he will weigh 6 lbs when i have him... Sounds like to me she is thinking im going to have it early. She said my cervix was very soft but when i walk i feel the contractions and when i stop walking the contractions stop. Going in saturday for my appt maybe i and dilated and effaced. That wood be awsome. Lol

Richard Bentleys Mommy Due October 12 (boy); Delbarton, West Virginia 3 posts
Aug 31st '12

Hello October Mommys :D!! Im pregnant with my first due on October 13th.:wink: Im having a little boy :? But i was wanting to know when was the earliest you all find out you was pregnant???? I didnt know until after Valentines Day. Just curious :?:

izzabell's mommy 1 child; Norwalk, Ohio 33 posts
Aug 31st '12

I am due October 26th, im having a little girl we are naming her Izabell Christine. I am engaged and getting married March 16th, 2013. This will be our first child. we are so excited we have absolutly ready for her to be here. the last step we needed was to buy a family car. and today we bought one. Pontiac Torrent a good family vehicle. now just counting down the days.

Patricia Boller Due October 12 (girl); Maryville, Missouri 6 posts
Sep 1st '12

Hello October Mommies!!! I'm due October 13th with a little girl :) I've already been in the hospital twice first because she pinched a nerve in my back and then because of dehydration. My lil one is already head on my cervix, and weighing well over what she is upposed to be. To comment on what anohter mommy said, I found out the sunday before V-Day that I was pregnant and told my husband on that day. Talk about an awesome gift :) I'm 34 weeks today, this is my first pregnancy.

MyAmeliaBump2012 Due October 26 (girl); United Kingdom 1 posts
Sep 1st '12

due october 28th with my first baby miss amelia-may. :) she was a twin but we sadly lost it at 7 weeks so our little fighter is also our biggest miracle. im feeling ok apart from the discomfort of baby's bum in my pelvis! ouchies.. wont be long til im crawling everywhere. and labour and delivery ward has been my best friend! im such a worry wart lol. sending loads of love from london,england to all you lovely mummies.. wishing you all the best of luck and healthy thriving babies.x*x

Jessica Himes Due October 27 (boy); 1 child; Columbia, Tennessee 1 posts
Sep 2nd '12
Quoting SammyKay:" I'm due Oct 13th, but will most likely have a c section a week earlier. This is my second baby but first ... [snip!] ... :-( were making him Bennet unsure of the middle name yet, suggestions are welcomed! Good luck to you fellow Oct mommas!"

i'm pregnant for the second time w a little boy and my girl is 7 as well, and it's so funny you said that bc sometimes i feel the same way. it breaks my heart, and i really hope her and her little brother gets along because she sure has acted jelious latley!

Amber McKeever Due October 25 (girl); Japan 1 posts
Sep 2nd '12

Hello im due October 26th.....this is our first child her name will be Kaileigh Rae ...gettin married Friday September 7th to the luv of mii life and praying and cant wait for our beautiful babygirl to be home with us in our arms we already luv her more than anything n the world and canmt wait to meet her for the first time....!

kaleighsmommy1020 Due October 19; Japan 1 posts
Sep 2nd '12

Hi, i am due on October 20th with my first baby. She's a girl and I am naming her Kaleigh Isabella. I am so excited I can hardly stand it, i remind myself of a little kid at Christmas time! I am 33 weeks ,I found out I was pregnant pretty early actually, I am thinking it was towards the end of January , i remember taking a picture of the pregnancy test and sending it to my fiance at work :) I have never regretted her once, and I look at the ultrasound I got at eight weeks and how small she was and compare it to the ultrasound now, it' such an amazing feeling to know she is growing healthy and big inside of me! :) I can't wait to meet her and hold her tiny wittle fingers and kiss her. I dream about her all the time! haha:)

Baby Aubrey's Mom 18 kids; Maryville, Tennessee 102 posts
Sep 3rd '12

I'm due October 15th, with my 2nd, another little girl. Her name will be Peyton Marie. Had a c section last time but i'm trying a VBAC this time around (:
Good luck! (:

SoldiersWife0619 Due September 28 (boy); 1 child; Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 posts
Sep 3rd '12

Hi :) I'm due Oct 1st with our second boy, Dayton Lane. Our first, Devilan Jr is 2 1/2.

Katlynn Marie Muffin Due October 30 (boy); Washington 5 posts
Sep 3rd '12

Hi October mommies!! :] I am due October 31st.. That's right Halloween baby. :] This is my first so I am very much nervous and not quite sure what to expect the following two months. My partner and I are having a baby boy and decided on the name Benjamin. :] I am looking for advise from other mommies.. My left hip is killing me, has been for months now... I swear I have tried everything and I'm curious on if anyone has an option that worked for them??

sarah-cullis Due October 4 (boy); 1 child; Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 92 posts
Sep 4th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Richard Bentleys Mommy:</b>" Hello October Mommys :D!! Im pregnant with my first due on October 13th.:wink: Im having a little boy ... [snip!] ... to know when was the earliest you all find out you was pregnant???? I didnt know until after Valentines Day. Just curious :?:"</blockquote>

hey i found out when i was about 2 and a half weeks 3weeks gone along

✰ johnna ✰ 3 kids; Michigan 6065 posts
Sep 5th '12

I'm due October 24, which is 3 days after my daughter's second birthday. :? I don't know if I'll actually go all the way to the 24th, but I'm not currently planning to get induced this time. We'll just have to see what happens.

This baby is another girl, she's our last baby, and her name is Berlin Olivia-Grace.
Her big sister is Sheridan Elizabeth-Marie (the one turning 2), and her big brother is Lucas Orion. :)

Stacyfoo Due May 30; 16 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 17 posts
Sep 5th '12
Quoting Richard Bentleys Mommy:" Hello October Mommys :D!! Im pregnant with my first due on October 13th.:wink: Im having a little boy ... [snip!] ... to know when was the earliest you all find out you was pregnant???? I didnt know until after Valentines Day. Just curious :?:"

i officially found out Feb 24.. it was a great birthday present for my mom! :)

Ebony Nelson Due September 30; Japan 1 posts
Sep 6th '12

I am due October 1st, with my second little one, this time a girl! I have a son who is 3 yrs old, named Cayleb. Even though this is my second time around, I am still nervous and very anxious!

Quoting Brittany Monette:" Im due oct 8th.. with a lil boy who will be named Caleb Nathaniel..this will be my first child..not married..looking for some buddies due in oct..not to familiar with how to use this babygaga thing.."