NURSING SCHOOL..HOW TO MANAGE TIME FitMami Due November 28; 1 child; Miami, Florida 492 posts
Aug 11th '12

i am currently in college about to start another semester (Fall) and i know it's going to be hectic....i am taking all the classes neccesairy to submit my application for the nursing progrma. so far so good my grades are A's and B's one C so far :evil:. the thing is i don't want to be too swamped with school and studying that i dont have time to play with my 4 year old daughter. i bought her some comprehension books in reading math and writing for preschoolers, we go over the book and she enjoys it. but i know with this new semester ill be swamped. i was thinking of maybe an after school program maybe 4 days out of the week M-TH (the days i have class) maybe gymnastics or soccer. she goes to preschool at 8am and gets out at 3:30pm. i was thinking maybe i can take her so she can interact and do different activities while i go home study a little cook dinner pick her up at 6:00pm and give her dinner and we can have different activities to do before she goes to bed each day like bake cookies (which she loves) or do flash cards or just watch cartoons together. then when she goes to bed i hit the books again. does anyone else have their child in after school activities? anyone else in college if so how do you manage your time?

Gone 12345.... 2 kids; Houston, Texas 16000 posts
Aug 12th '12

I just graduated nursing school with a 5 yr old and a 2 yr daughter was only 5 months when I began though lol...I started college at 18 pregnant too.. anyways, through nursing school, I worked, volunteered for things at my school to put on a drunk after every test (about twice a month lol), got a DWI and was arrested (poor choice I know)...fought with my husband until we finally split, I moved twice...just constant craziness... my son did sports and my daughter just went with me..she was too young...

I'd find time to study after they went to sleep but I really didn't have to study that much bc I have a great memory and am a great test taker which most of nursing school is, is prioritizing patient care and choosing the MOST correct answer choice from 4 correct choices lol...

kids are long as you cherish every free moment you have with her, rather than just hanging out on the couch...she won't be affected...she will actually benefit b/c you will be making more money! goodluck!

FitMami Due November 28; 1 child; Miami, Florida 492 posts
Aug 12th '12

thank you im glad to see someone did really good with memory too so hopefully it will be manageable :D

~*Norrita*~ Due August 1; 4 kids; Cincinnati, Iowa 67 posts
Dec 4th '12

You will do fine. I have 4 kids and made it through nursing school. I was pregnant for all of LPN year had him during xmas break. and now im pregnant with my 5th and im half way done with RN. and i still plan on going for my nurse practitioner. i study alot and spend the rest of my free time with my family. you find time. good luck!