Keilan'sMommy :) Due November 25 (boy); Washington, District of Columbia 35 posts
Aug 11th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Hope Sheardown:</b>" im due 26th November 2012"</blockquote>

Me too :)

Kathy Stinchcombe Due November 25 (girl); 3 kids; Bristol, United Kingdom 2 posts
Aug 13th '12

m due 26th November with a much wanted baby girl :-)

Mrs. Crumpton Due January 2; Willard, Ohio 2 posts
Aug 13th '12

im due nov 21st hopefully he stays in soo i can spend thanksgiving with the family lol

Keyunte Marie Due November 25 (girl); Japan 2 posts
Aug 14th '12

My due date is Nov.26 8)

karla platt Due November 26 (boy); 1 child; Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 96 posts
Aug 17th '12

Im due November 27th which is also my brother in laws birthday

Mrs cree Due November 23; 33 kids; Ontario 1907 posts
Aug 18th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Keilan'sMommy :):</b>" any mommies delivering in November?"</blockquote>

November 24

Katie Galea Due November 25; Japan 1 posts
Aug 19th '12

Hey Im Due 26th November, really cant wait :)

MeganPgh Due January 30; 1 child; Longs, SC, United States 6 posts
Aug 20th '12

I am due November 27th with a boy!

Amylouise Ward Due November 25 (boy); Japan 1 posts
Aug 21st '12

due november 26th! 6 days before my 21st birthday!!! eeek my little Zachariah Brian Jeffery Ward will come into the world cannot wait :D:D

Chylcie Clark Due November 25 (girl); Saginaw Charter Township, Michigan 1 posts
Aug 21st '12

i'm due with my first Nov.26th! a baby girl :)

Brianne Katlyn Conklin Due January 25 (boy); 2 kids; Paducah, Kentucky 7 posts
Aug 22nd '12

Im due the 26th with my son <3

Ericha Schmidt 1 child; Blacksburg, South Carolina 2 posts
Aug 27th '12

Due November 26, 2012 with a baby girl<3

Tiara_215 Due November 25 (girl); Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1 posts
Aug 29th '12
Quoting Keilan'sMommy :):" any mommies delivering in November?"

I'm due November 26th its a girl

Amanda Hensley Due November 25 (girl); Williamsburg, Kentucky 1 posts
Sep 4th '12

im due nov 26 too

Jessika McBride Due December 4; 17 kids; McCook, Nebraska 2 posts
Sep 5th '12

I am due November 28, 2012 but the Radiologist said i will probli have her on December 2! lol My youngest brother wants me to wait till December 11 to have her cuz its his birthday lol She is my first nd he wanted her to be a boy lol