Jennifer Kidder Due February 2; Lisbon, OH, United States 4 posts
Aug 18th '12

I am due on the 14th with a girl. I am being induced tho so Ill either have her the 4th or the 11th of sept. Ill find out at my next appt wed for sure hopefully at my next appt.

Andrea Berryman Due September 14 (boy); Australia 8 posts
Aug 19th '12

I am due on the 15th Sept with my 3rd little boy. My husband and I thought we'd have a go at achieving a girl, but we're so happy with what we have that it's hard to be anything but greatful. Sadly, we won't be trying again, I suffer quite painful varicose veins through one leg and ankle which gets worse with each pregnancy, I doubt I could handle it if it worsened again... I have however had another uncomplicated pregnancy, and am carrying this one even better than the first two. I'm still getting around quite well, still volunteering at our local aged care facility to keep me busy while the boys are at school. Quality sleep is something I now look back on with slight recognition, but I figure I will be ready for sleepless nights again by the time this one arrives. We've now all got such a small time to wait, I wish you all the very best of luck for the weeks to come, and beyond!

Mary-Frances Cole Due September 15; Texarkana, Texas 2 posts
Aug 19th '12

My first due date was Sept. 5th which was changed to the 15th (big gap) but I have dialated from a finger tip to a 3 1/2 in a week. And he is already 6 lbs... I have gained about 15lbs and thought something was wrong with me... You hear about women gaining about a million pounds and w/ my 3 girls I didn't show at all.... But I doubt I make it to Sept 15th let alone September ar all... I have some nausia, back pain, and I will be soo glad when I can sleep w/o waking up 3 times to pee and be comfortable... But gotta love being able to give birth to another life...

Ashley Petrushkin Due September 13; Japan 1 posts
Aug 20th '12

Due Sept. 14th :) First child, a baby boy. Getting so anxious! Also have trouble sleeping at night and heartburn really bad sometimes. Ladies that have had children already, what were your signs of labor starting?

Andrea Berryman Due September 14 (boy); Australia 8 posts
Aug 20th '12
Quoting Ashley Petrushkin:" Due Sept. 14th :) First child, a baby boy. Getting so anxious! Also have trouble sleeping at night and ... [snip!] ... at night and heartburn really bad sometimes. Ladies that have had children already, what were your signs of labor starting?"

Firstly, congrats on expecting you first! And heartburn is the worst, i can sympathise there. With my 1st, it was my waters breaking on one of my late night trips to the toilet. With my second, it was a show about 2 days before. Try not to worry too much about it, when its time, you'll know for sure. Our bodies do amazing things, and this is just another one of them. The moment you hold your baby, you forget everything else, it's a perfectly beautiful moment, totally worth it!

Julie Bear :) 2 kids; Florida 710 posts
Aug 20th '12

I'm due 9/11! haha i know, crazy date.
i had a little girl last time and i'm having a little boy, and we're naming him Ray. we're naming him after my BD's step father that died, he was a very good man and basically his father. His birthday was september the 15th. if i can hold out until then, that would be just awesome! xD
congratulations btw! :D i'm guessing you'll have a girl! hehe. i don't know how you guys go without knowing, the suspense would kill me! and I'd be able to tell from the ultra sound. i knew both times when i seen it, lol.
my last pregnancy i was 105 before being preggly then 142 (omg i felt soooo huge! i never been more than 110lbs.) and pre pregnancy this time i was back at 105 and i'm now 130 (37 weeks tomorrow or later today or whenever, dunno lol.) i'm happy with the weight ive gained so far, just don't want to blow up again, my blood pressure was horrible last time. i'm 5'1" btw and built very small.

Janae Clark Due September 13 (boy); Piscataway Township, New Jersey 1 posts
Aug 21st '12

I am due September 14th with my first little far my pregnancy has been easy. I've gaines 25 lbs, most of my weight gain has been in the 3rd trimester (after I got laid off from work) . I am hoping that with breastfeeding I will lose a substantial amount of weight. But until then I'm waiting the arrival of my baby boy Makhi

baby2ontheway8 Due September 14 (boy); 1 child; Victoria, Texas 1 posts
Aug 26th '12

That's my due date but my Dr. and I think he will be here sooner. I have a boy already and he is very excited to have a brother. I have gained 30 pounds so far and my first born was born at 38 weeks (I had gained 40 pounds with him) so I am under what I gained the first time. It all came right off and I was back to my size 2 about 3 weeks later. Hopping it happens like that again. I'm feeling tired. Can't sleep at night and during the day I'm up with my 3 yr old chasing him around. Had an ultrasound to see how big he is and so far he is at 6 1/2 pounds. As long as he doesnt get over 8 we are good to go natural. Good luck to all of you with your deliveries! :)

Andrea Deseray Due September 14; Japan 1 posts
Sep 2nd '12

I am also due September 15th!!! Ugh but i am growing impatient i just cant wait to see my little guy! So far i have gained 28 pounds and this will be my third.

Pasheather Due September 15 (boy); 34 kids; SUNLAND, California 153 posts
Sep 3rd '12

Im due on the 16th with my third boy!! I can't fall asleep at night, I have alot of pelvic pains, he keeps teasing me with contractions lol, I walk slower then a 1 year old. With my other two kids I had gained 60lbs each time, this pregnancy I have gained 47lbs total so I hope i dont gain anymore then that, I offically "waddle" lol. I love kids and love being pregnant..wouldnt change it for the world :)