Rash cream and hemorrhoids Noneya Business 2 kids; Pennsylvania 12942 posts
Aug 8th '12

I've seriously never had hemorrhoids until recently. Not even when I was pregnant or just had LO did I get them. I've been pooping a lot more latley. I've been keeping up with my gallon-of-water-a-day routine pretty well and it's been "cleaning me out" if you know what I'm saying.

Today I pooped and when I wiped there was blood. It was like sandpaper when I wiped and it feels like I have a rash but I know it's just the hemorrhoids. I used some baby powder last night thinking it was just irritated from me sweating. Then this happened today.

I looked to see if we had and Prep H and we don't of course. Could I just used LO's rash cream to at least stop it from being so irritated? It's kind of itchy and it just feels raw.

P E N I S ™ Due February 27; 34 kids; Washington 13761 posts
Aug 8th '12

You could use rash cream to help the irritation. witch hazel works great too

Sarah2478 Japan 6 posts
Oct 29th '12

Hemocyl For Hemorrhoids Treatment - the order arrived last week no problems, the effect well