new due date Celeste Ariel Romero Due July 10; 3 kids; Lamesa, TX, United States 441 posts
Aug 6th '12

So when I first went to the drs I was measuring 6Weeks due October 26th well she started measuring diffrent the next was October 16 then 15th now 12th. The Dr said the first is more accurate but still decided to change it anyway to the 15th well I hope my body does what it needs to do and she comes when shes ready not when the drs are. Im honesty tired of these due date crap who knows how far I really am.I honesty give up and disappointed. Anyone else feel the same or went threw this please let me know im dying to know when yourbaby decided to come. In my mind I want to go with the first due date I know they get less accurate.

Mommy 2 Sarah!!! Due December 29; Massachusetts 458 posts
Aug 7th '12

I would be so irritated I'd prob go off. I'd even prob find a new dr cause urs sounds like a nut

Celeste Ariel Romero Due July 10; 3 kids; Lamesa, TX, United States 441 posts
Aug 7th '12

Yea he figured since they were all consistent (except the first)with the edd of my last menstrual cycle that he would just go by that.The October 15th is the going my my last period so i mean its not a random date but its not what the first ultrasound said

ttg 1 child; Los Angeles, California 14 posts
Aug 14th '12

its annoying not to know how far along you are right, same thing is happening to me. based on my last period im due sept. 23, but i went to get an ultrasounnd to the hospital and was told my due date based on the ultrasound was sept. 18. and today that i went to the clinc i was told im due sep. 12.. wtf? so now im wondering how far along i really am

Celeste Ariel Romero Due July 10; 3 kids; Lamesa, TX, United States 441 posts
Aug 15th '12

exactly really annoying mines changed all over the place too.Now we don't know when their actually gonna come.

Megan&&McKenna 1 child; Miles City, Montana 77 posts
Aug 15th '12

I would change doctors too. That's nuts! My due date has never changed, but my OB's only done now 2 ultrasounds. Sooo that might be why mine has stayed. :p

julybabe 2 kids; Ontario 380 posts
Aug 16th '12

I know it's annoying but it's really not that bad its only 10 days. With my dd my 1 st due date was June 27 that was based on my last period then when they did the u/s it was changed to July 19 then it was moved again to July 15 but she was induced July 20. With this one from my last period my due date was end of sept then my first u/s suggested nov 1. At my 12 week u/s they said oct 18 lol. So now we wait and see but they say ur 12 week u/s it the most accurate.