Feb Baby 4 20 kids; Oklahoma 158 posts
Aug 31st '12
Momma Kylee Due November 30; TTC since Nov 2013; 3 kids; Marble falls, Tx, United States 3361 posts
Aug 31st '12

A lot of you have your settings set up to where I CANT FRIEND REQUEST YOU, you have to friend request ME. My FB link is on the OP, or first page. as soon as you add me to your friends I can add you to the FB due date group.


Shikiki Monique Smith Due February 17; Japan 2 posts
Sep 1st '12 I would like to be added to the group I'm due Feb.18,2013 TY

Renee Greer Due February 23; Franktown, Colorado 1 posts
Sep 2nd '12

I'm due Feb 24th hoping its a little boy :) I'd like to join I added you, my fb is!/naisydee07

Amber*expecting number 4 Due February 26 (boy); 18 kids; Tennessee 39 posts
Sep 2nd '12

Rachel Dallimore 18 kids; New Zealand 32 posts
Sep 3rd '12

Sent a friends request

Stephanie Hughes Due February 4; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 9 posts
Sep 3rd '12

Im due Feb 5th and would love to be added! Having these networks of other mommys/mommys to be is so good for me:)

April _Lynn Due February 18; Ohio 4 posts
Sep 3rd '12

i just signed up for this today =) and id like to join=)
im due feb 19th!/april.hilger

Hali Vaughn Due February 17 (boy); St Martinville, Louisiana 2 posts
Sep 5th '12

I just sent a friend Request! Due Feb. 18th! I'd like to join! Thanks!

Terra Shyanne' Due February 18; 1 child; Monticello, Indiana 1 posts
Sep 5th '12
Quoting Stefania Papamatheakis:" i want to join but!!!im due feb 19!!!"

Im due the same day!! :) Congrats lil momma!!

Kathleen Simpson Due January 31 (girl); 1 child; Ogden, Utah 2 posts
Sep 6th '12
Shelly Gaines Due February 19; Japan 1 posts
Sep 7th '12
Quoting Momma Kylee +2.5:" Ladies who want to join: Send me a link to your profile. I have to friends request you and then add you. You can remove me as your friend if you want after you've been added to the group."

OOPS I just sent you a FB friend request. I would love to join this group

Momma Kylee Due November 30; TTC since Nov 2013; 3 kids; Marble falls, Tx, United States 3361 posts
Sep 26th '12

Update OP with direct link to request to be added.