I've always wanted to be a surrogate ★ Raych ★ 19 kids; Roanoke, Virginia 5348 posts
Aug 2nd '12

For as long as I can remember the thought of surrogacy has intrigued me. It first came up a long time ago with my littlest sister. She has HLHS and baring a child of her own could prove deadly, so I had offered to be her "vessel". She's only 19 right now but one day she may want to start a family of her own, but I'm just afraid she won't be ready until I hit my 40s and then it becomes high risk for me, as well (we are 10 years apart in age). I'm ready to do it now before it's too late. I have 3 beautiful children of my own and before I call it quits I want to do this. I just don't know where to begin.

Mommy♡G 2 kids; 704 posts
Aug 2nd '12

I've looked into it as well, I want to be a gestational carrier, not a traditional surrogate.

Um, I always just googled for places near me. Lol

I know that I won't do it until I'm done having kids of my own, at least one more.

I know typically you need to be under a certain BMI, non smoker, etc etc, financially stable and have a good support system whether you are married or not. They usually say they evaluate you before hand to ensure you are not only physically but emotionally ready for surrogacy as well.

Have you not found any searching in your area? Set up an appt to discuss everything and ask any questions, id say.