I need a couple bows. Baby Mutilator 18 kids; Modesto, California 13001 posts
Aug 1st '12

So I need a couple Boutique and/or basic bows for my kid's gnarly hair. And I'm suuuuper picky about what goes on her head, like I won't even put bows I make on her because they're just that crappy. SO...Show me your bows! Or if you are a bow buyer, direct me to your bow seller?

Momma Perham 2 kids; Florida 7625 posts
Aug 1st '12
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Bow Making Mama♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 18870 posts
Aug 1st '12
-* babino's mama *- 1 child; Lethbridge, Alberta 1243 posts
Aug 6th '12

I buy all my bows from , she is seriously amazing!

Logged Off California 16 posts
Oct 3rd '12

I have an alternative bow shop on Etsy and Storenvy called Skelebowtique.Facebook: