mommykassi Due October 2; Mottville, Michigan 2 posts
Aug 2nd '12
Quoting Dawn Mackay:" im due oct 26- were naming him Kayden James"

aww im nameing my son kaden chase lol

Lacey Stephens Due October 15; Japan 1 posts
Aug 2nd '12

Heyyyyy, I'm Lacey, I'm 18, Engaged to Baby's father, & due October 16th :-D I Absolutely cannot wait, baby crossed its legs so we don't know the sex, me and daddy both want a healthy baby girl, We call it "bee" because well we can't call bee a he or a she or by the names we've chosen, & I wouldn't mind to have some October buddies too :-D:D:D

Send me a Facebook requestt <3 (if you want)

Bay Jo Due October 14 (boy); Japan 1 posts
Aug 2nd '12

Hey, I am Bailey! I'm 16 and I am due Oct 15th with a little boy, his name is going to be Aydan! :)

Brenda Olivas Due October 25; Japan 1 posts
Aug 3rd '12

Hello my name is Brenda, I'm due October 26 they said im having a boy but didn't give me a percentage :/ so idk if its right I would think they had to give a percentage but idk. . This is my third child :)

Lolistrawberry Due October 5; 16 kids; Brookings, South Dakota 5 posts
Aug 3rd '12

Hello! My name is Natashia, I'm 23 yrs old. I'm due Oct. 6th and I'm having a little girl! This will be my first!! My husband and I are very excited!!

Rebecca Kelly Due October 14; Dartington, United Kingdom 2 posts
Aug 3rd '12

Hi bay jo, its nice 2 hear that u r also due on the 15th oct n that he is 2 a little boy. Ihope all has gone well with ur pregnancy? im waiting 2 go for my growth scan on the 6th sept as they said im measuring big but im not worried take care x

Eric'sMommy♥ Due October 18 (boy); Dallas, Georgia 1 posts
Aug 3rd '12

HELLO! I'm LaQuoia i'm 21 years old pregnant with my first child due october 19th it's a boy nice to meet you all

Kourtni Linne Due October 18; Japan 1 posts
Aug 3rd '12

My baby is due on Oct 19th. :D And I am having a little girl named Skylar Alexandria Rose Linne<3

Patricia Boller Due October 12 (girl); Maryville, Missouri 6 posts
Aug 4th '12

Hi there! I'm Tricia, due October 13th with my first babygirl, I'm 19 and married as well :) My little girls name is Schayla Nicole Marie. Beware of when your little one kicks you, mine kicked me hard in the bck and pinched a nerve. Not too fun lol

Leidy Karaiscos 2 kids; Phelan, California 398 posts
Aug 4th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Kyran's Mommy♥:</b>" I'm seriously up for making some friends that are due in October. I am on this site ALL the time but ... [snip!] ... Read my profile if you wanna know more! Message me if you wanna be friends! I'll parentank you and you can do the same."</blockquote>

Omg Im also due oct.15 wiff a bby boy:)

Erica K Due September 30 (girl); Grove City, Ohio 79 posts
Aug 5th '12

So is anyone else having leg swelling issues? Starting about a week ago my ankles went from puffy to now even with wearing compression socks my legs are swollen all the way to my knees! I work 12 hour shifts and just finished the third one in a row and my legs itch so bad and soooo swollen : (

Brittany Chafins-DePue Due October 21 (boy); 2 kids; Ohio 1 posts
Aug 5th '12

hey im brittany and i have 2 lil girls and a lil boy on the way due Oct 22 but im having a c-section on Oct 19th if i dont go before then lol. Good to meet you!

Belinda LeVan Due October 4; Japan 12 posts
Aug 6th '12

Im Belinda, Im 19, not married... Im due on Oct 5 with a little boy. I dont think its possible to feel any bigger than I do right now. :P

Cathy Houston Due September 30 (boy); Texas 2 posts
Aug 6th '12

Hi all! I'm Cathy. 24 years old. Pregnant with my second boy! Due October 1st!
Married 5 years.

Naomii-Mama Due October 1 (girl); Japan 1 posts
Aug 7th '12

heyy there im 18 first time mommie for a beaut baby girl due october 2nd
i no a few people due in october too most round my area :) its really nice to no that you and a friend are gonna have babys around the same time :D x