Extra Amniotic fluid help!!! Kristi DeLancy Due October 15; Pasco, Washington 4 posts
Jul 25th '12

Ok so I am having so mixed emotions. I am worried but waiting to see the specialist. At 25 weeks I had and Ultra sound and things looked great! I measure fine baby was great. I had another one at 28 weeks (yesterday) and now I have lots of extra amniotic fluid. I should not have that much and some kind of bubble/lump on my placenta. I have an awesome DR and I am waiting to be seen by a specialist to find out what to do and where to go from there but I do not know when my appnt is. I did a little research and now I am truly worried about what can happen to my baby and me. At this time baby looks awesome and is healthy however things can always change. I have gained about 5 lbs in a week and my stomach is really tight and sore due to the extra weight of the fluid. That is one of the side affects and I should not be feeling like this at 28 wks. Has anyone had this before? what did your dr do? Did all things come out ok?

Luckeyme Due August 16 (boy); Shreveport, Louisiana 1 posts
Jul 29th '12

I had high amniotic fluid my entire pregnancy; however, they said it peeked at a certain week and then slowly declines until you go into labor. Mine unfortunately never declined, and kept increasing. The average amount of amniotic fluid is between 8-25, mine was 31 cm. The doctor said it could be a result of any number of things from maternal diabetes or anemia (which I tested negative for both), or some anatomical abnormality with the baby; hence, he sent me to a perinatologist (high risk doctor) to get a better ultrasound and opinion of the baby. Turns out, I'm just fine, and the baby is just fine. The issue in 95 % of the cases is unknown. They think because he is a little large for his gestational age (7-7.5 lbs at 36 weeks) that means he is peeing more; therefore, my amniontic fluid. I'm bneing induced this Thursday at 38 weeks because they don't want me to go into preterm labor and have my water break on its own. They said if the water breaks on its own it could potentially wash out the placenta, detaching it from the uterine wall, and causing risks to the baby. Hence, they are inducing me and will break my water under controlled conditions so they can monitor everything. Another issue is, is that your uterus is caring extra fluid it's not used to, so it's extra stretched out. The problem with this is after delivery when your uterus is trying to contract back it could possibly hemmorhage because it is so large. So they may induce you to control your water breaking, and they may watch you a little longer after you deliver. Hope this helps....All I have to say is do NOT google high amniotic fluid. It about scared me to death to read all the possible what if's and me and my baby are going to be just fine. Good luck!

Erin Spicer Due August 28; Brisbane, Australia 15 posts
Jul 30th '12

I'm currently 35 weeks 6 days and at my 34 week scan (as I have other problems with my pregnancy I've had the more than normal amount of scans), I was told there was alot of fluid around baby doctors at the hospital want me to go for another scan so next one is booked for tomorrow then I go see the doctors again on Friday, I've been told if there is more fluid or it hasn't gone down at all they will talk about induction or c-section because of the risks of me going into labour myself, 1 being that baby can come to quickly and go into shock if my water breaks by itself, 2 being baby could twist as she goes into the birthing canal when my water breaks and that could mean she would get stuck and would result in an emergency c-section, by the time either one happens I will roughly be 37 weeks so I will be considered term which is good considering I've already gone into preterm labour at 32 weeks. I've spoken to several different doctors about all of this and I agree with the poster do not google everything I have seen on there would have scared the crap out of me if I hadn't have spoken to anyone about it all before hand. If there are no other problems with the pregnancy and you and baby are healthy all will be fine, they do it as a just incase kind of thing because it's safer for you and baby. To be honest I am hoping they tell me I'm either being induced or going for a c-section even though I really want a natural birth again, I am in constant pain from all the added pressure from too much fluid I can hardly walk or do anything else for that matter which is made worse as I have a 6 yr old son. Good luck and I hope all goes well

A, E & W's mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Bulgaria 18486 posts
Jul 30th '12

I had that with my third, don't know what the fluid measurements were but my belly measured 48 cm by the time I delivered at 38 wks. My doctor didn't do anyting about it at all. I was worried about preterm labor since I had such problems with it with my first two babies. But in the end I had no problems with that baby at all in terms of ptl, probably because the cord was so short he couldn't get to the cervix to put any pressure on it. Had him at 38 wks and healthy :)