Taty[Team Pink♥] Due December 25; 1 child; California 196 posts
Jul 24th '12

Due on September 4th with my first little girl and I have so many emotions mainly excited though!!!

Almost there! :) Due November 8 (boy); Texas 539 posts
Aug 7th '12

I'm due Nov. 9 with my first & it's a baby boy!:)

Rebecca Underwood Due March 20; Virginia 13 posts
Aug 8th '12

im due march 21st, Im 17 . this will be my first :)

~JeNn~ BeAn~ 54 kids; Washington 633 posts
Aug 8th '12

Im due November 13th (my 7 year olds birthday is the same day) it isnt my first its my 6th but I am still nervous about the pain of labor I was with every single kid!

Hayley1994 Due November 6 (boy); Illinois 103 posts
Aug 8th '12

I am due November 7th with a boy(:

DominiqueNicole Due November 15 (boy); Columbus, Ohio 269 posts
Aug 9th '12

im due November 16th with my first baby :) its a boy :) And I'm scared shitless loll

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
Aug 9th '12

Well I'm no longer pregnant but my baby was born on November. :)

MarieRoseAlexa 1 child; Ohio 102 posts
Aug 29th '12
Quoting Bronagh McKernan:" in due on November 30th with my first too! dont find out until Wednesday what im having! but congrats on having a girl :D "

I don't think I ever received a notification that you responded to me, so sorry! Did you find out what you're having?