Stretch Marks rrooney Due September 13 (boy); Ellington, Connecticut 32 posts
Jul 21st '12

Starting to have a big issue with stretch marks, I have cream and rub it on my stomach everyday but not helping.

Anyone have a stretch mark cream or remedy they swear by that can help me?

That Girl. 2 kids; Florida 4109 posts
Jul 21st '12

Are they bothering you. Some people are prone to get strech marks and can.t stop or make them go away. Continue to rub lotion or cocoa butter everyday and make sure you dont scratch them. I heard miderma works really good at making them fade but id wait until after baby.

user banned Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
Jul 21st '12

Time by mother nature works for me.

on3luv210sa 67 kids; San Antonio, Texas 353 posts
Jul 21st '12

no stretch marks are in the genes and can not be stopped but there are creams to help make them fade after wards like mederma and "celtrixa" worked for me good luck

CatLady Texas 1244 posts
Jul 21st '12

They fade with time...

2+1+2=Oh my! Due September 27 (twins); 1 child; Bellingham, Washington 685 posts
Jul 21st '12

They'll fade eventually - once LO is here (or if LO is already here) you could try some of the scar fading topical stuff. Frankly, at this point for me, 2nd pregnancy and this time w/ two aboard for the ride - I figure I've earned them and DH can just love them because he helped put them there! (Of course he only put the girls there, not the stretchies, but you get the drift, lol!)