Pelvic Pressure with leg pain & more. NiQi Nicotine Due August 13 (girl); 4 kids; Lakeland, Florida 54 posts
Jul 19th '12

I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant and over the last 3 weeks I've had intense cervical pressure that keeps getting worse. I also have nausea, diarrhea & this really strange leg pain that started in the calf region, moved down into my feet and about 2 hours after it started, gravitated to my thighs and connects in the area of my cervix. I keep my feet/legs elevated and I'm barely ever on my feet. I'm on all the meds they can put me on to stop pre-mature labor, as I've been in it 5x since I was 15 weeks. They even started the steroid shots for baby Ava's lungs. If I go into my doctor I will end up in labor, again for sure. I always do when I get checked. So my question(s) is/are, is this normal? Have any of you felt it? Should I be concerned the meds aren't working anymore?