baby?! keisha Michelle Due August 17 (boy); Blackfoot, Idaho 25 posts
Jul 19th '12

today i went to the doctor and i havent gained in weight and my belly hasnt grown in 2 weeks!!!they want to do a ultra sound tomarrow to see if baby is ok what do u think it is and what do u think will happen?

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32450 posts
Jul 19th '12

Well how far along are you?

ang_turtle+2.5 19 kids; Ohio 19590 posts
Jul 19th '12

they might do a non stress test to see how baby is doing too, and if they think they baby would be better off outside the womb they might induce

D+S+G= ♥ 1 child; Alaska 29971 posts
Jul 19th '12

How far along are you? I didn't gain weight till my 3rd trimester & my tummy was always pretty small & my son was fine. Don't worry about anything,just try to relax.

OT but I am from Pocatello,Idaho.

Banana.Brains Due December 26; 3 kids; Somewhere, CA, United States 1294 posts
Jul 19th '12

Your like 8 1/2 months pregnant right? I gained pretty much all my weight the last month but I'm sure some womens weight gain slows towards the end. Is he still moving like normally?

keisha Michelle Due August 17 (boy); Blackfoot, Idaho 25 posts
Jul 21st '12

today im 36 weeks and he weighs about 4 1/2 pounds and yes he still moves around like normal i get the results n a few days