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Jul 19th '12

Ok I ahve went to my sons nuerologist and it has been over a year. she told me to come back in a year But it has been a year and three months. I seen her and she aske dme why am I here? I said cause you told me to come back in a year. So she said but it has been over a year. Well things happen. I couldn't make it. But I'm here now. So she looks at is paper work rom last year and she tells me what happened last year and tat he isn't having any seizures but it is that he has abnormal brain activity. So she said how is he doing? I said he is doing so great. He is playing and he is trying to crawl now. He goes into the position to crawl and he does it but then rolls over. He is pushing himself back and forth in his walker. He says mommy and please and he is trying to say dadda. But then she tells me that if we do an updated eeg and if it comes out that it is abnormal doyou want him on meds? I told her no. He is progressing very well why would I want him on meds? So she tells me that that she will discharge him from nuerologist. I asked her before I left. That he had a different doctor. Why are you his dr? She said that they trade patients. I know for a fact that they don't trade patients. She is covering up for what the dr told me.