Keyunte Marie Due November 25 (girl); Japan 2 posts
Jul 26th '12

Hi im Due Nov.26 with my first child
&& Its a so proud 2 b a mommy
And by the way is my first...CONGRADS mommies 2 be...

Brandi & Leslie Due November 22 (girl); 19 kids; Covington, Louisiana 11 posts
Jul 27th '12

im due nov. 23rd

Erin Ester Due November 19; Crystal Lake, Illinois 2 posts
Jul 27th '12

Im due November 20th so yay exciting right around the same time :)

Mckenna's Number One Fan! Due November 1 (girl); Rutland, Vermont 25 posts
Jul 28th '12

I'm Due November 2nd! I love to be friends!

slayeraX7 4 angel babies; nowhere, ca, United States 2507 posts
Jul 28th '12

congrats! im due nov 22nd.

Shalanda Epps Due November 23 (boy); Lakeland, Florida 19 posts
Jul 28th '12
Quoting K. Beaupiiiit..*:" I'm due November 25th and would love to befriend some mommies to be that are due around the same time I am!"

Congrats to you. I am due the day before you.

Heather Hillis Due November 24 (girl); Sheffield, United Kingdom 1 posts
Jul 29th '12

I am also due November 25th with my first baby...a little girl we are naming Amelia May :) Do you know what you're having?x

Krislynn ♪ Due November 17 (girl); Lake Villa, Illinois 11 posts
Jul 29th '12

Hi everyone! I'm due November 18th with a baby girl! Firsties. :D

Also congrats to OP and everyone else!!

Celia Gordon Even Due November 24; Iowa 1 posts
Jul 29th '12
im due november 25th also!
::1st:: Time Mommy 1 child; Sumner, Washington 255 posts
Jul 29th '12

I am november 26th with my first!

Kerry Russell Due November 24; Japan 1 posts
Jul 30th '12

hi this is my 4th and i'm due on the 25th november x

Angelica Estrada Due November 25 (boy); 1 child; La Mirada, California 18 posts
Jul 30th '12

I'm due Nov 26 :)

Kimandjoshua Due April 1 (boy); Truro, Nova Scotia 8 posts
Jul 30th '12

Congrats ! I'm Due November 24 th :)

Dana Natasha Due November 26 (girl); 1 child; Denver, Colorado 19 posts
Jul 31st '12

im due nov 27 so two days after you are

Janik H Fairfax, Virginia 1 posts
Aug 1st '12

Congrats you all!!! I am due Nov 21 with my second. I have a 9 yr old boy and we are all excited this time is a girl!!!! :D