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Aug 11th '12
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Melinda H Due July 13; United States 5 posts
Feb 20th '14

Thank you SO much for sharing. This is a important reminder that abortion is not something to take lightly. I'm pray that healing will come to you through this and you will be able to share this testimony to help many other women on the verge of having a abortion.  

SKT United States 1 posts
May 19th '14

This was the most touching story I have yet read. I am currently pregnant and I'm going in tomorrow for my abortion. I have not come to terms with the decision I am making. I am also 17 weeks along and I truly hate myself for what I am going to do. I cry myself to sleep every night I hurt every single minute knowing I have to make this horrible choice. My heart literally aches I can't imagine what I am going to feel after, I have been an emotional wreck since I found out and I can't even imagine how depressed I am going to be tomorrow. I don't want to wake up feeling a bunch of regret I hope one day I come to forgive myself what I am going to do. 

Jennybeeee Due February 21; United States 22 posts
Jun 1st '14

I'm so sorry for your struggle. When I had my procedure about 10 years ago, I had every medical professional I spoke to support me and my decision. You overcame so many obstacles to do what is your legal right. It is your decision and there is nothing wrong with making a decision with your best interest in mind. 

coccosavannah United Kingdom 1 posts
Nov 13th '14

Thank you so much for this. My situation is so similar to yours and i write this with tears rolling down my face as i'm due to have my 15 week pregnancy terminated tomorrow. There are many reasons why i am doing this now and i had to postpone my termination twice already as i needed more time and have been inconsolable. Time has now almost run out and i am doing this with such a heavy heart and i hope that someday my darling baby girl will forgive me and understand why. I pray that you overcome the grief i know you are feeling like i am. Reading your story made me cry so hard but made me also realise there are so many others in the same situation as i am. My partner is a public figure and i almost feel that had it been any other woman or one of his many fans / hangers-on, they would not have hesitated to have a "baby by him" but i remind myself that i am doing this for myself and most of all, for my baby girl, as she is all that matters ultimately.

chattycathy91 United States 1 posts
Apr 23rd '15

I'm going through the same thing right now.I didn't believe I was pregnant and when I found out I thought I was around 5-6 weeks to find out I was 17 weeks. I saw the sonogram and was shocked. should I keep it or not but I can't afford it but since my mother passed 2 yrs ago I've been having trouble with what I consider moral or not but I'm going through with it. I'm not ready to be a mother and though I feel selfish I know it's right for me. Thank you for sharing your story it makes me feel less alone