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Jul 13th '12
Quoting i love my son so much:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Derpy the Duck:</b>" Lady, I'm already almost done. Once I hit ... [snip!] ... if LO isn't ready he won't come out regardless some woman seriously believe if they do certain things the baby will deff come"

Who gives a shit? You just want to complain about something that doesn't concern you.

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Jul 13th '12

I'm tired of seeing Posts about what other people post that are annoying :)

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Jul 13th '12
Quoting *MommyLove*:" I'm tired of seeing Posts about what other people post that are annoying :)"


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Jul 13th '12

This is the most boring thread in TDC. :roll:

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Jul 13th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mrs. Hemsworth ♥:</b>" This is the most boring thread in TDC. :roll:"</blockquote>


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Jul 14th '12

This post is stupid, its not your child so why do you care if people try methods on getting baby out ! Tue simple fact is nothing will work I repeat NOTHING WILL WORK untill the baby is ready simple ! Oh and by the way I had sex right up untill I had my LO because I wanted to have sex for no other reason than the sex so shoot me for having fun !

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Jul 14th '12

I wouldn't take "I love my son so much" serious considering she's smoking bud and living with her mom.. No offense but if you love your child sooo much you wouldn't have that S**T around him..

Parent of the year right there..

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Jul 14th '12

ha I went 11 days over due with a baby which measured 60cm (23 inches) long so you can believe that I tried everything to get him to come out on his own. In the end it was a nice dose of pre-E and some picocin that got him out ... and you know what I was on BG at the time asking about natural remedies for induction. So you know what you can bite my ass.