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Phenomenal Woman +3 3 kids; OAK GROVE, KY, United States 6266 posts
May 11th '08
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Nightmare in Wonderland 1 child; Alabama 821 posts
May 11th '08

I think once that life has a heartbeat, that you are a mother. I feel this way for many reasons but one of the reasons is; there are pleanty of women who have had a life growing inside them and never got to hold that life in their hands. I still see those women as mothers.

Dragon Tamer 4 kids; Pratt, KS, United States 9574 posts
May 11th '08

I think C said it best, but would like to add my own thoughts. :) To me the purpose of Mothers Day is not to go spend money on gifts or spa days or anything else (altho they ARE nice tokens of affection and gratitude that are usually well deserved) but to remember what goes into being a mother... The smiles, tears, pain, joy and so on that makes it worthwhile... The children we became mothers FOR and to remind OUR mothers that we appreciate (even more now) exactly what they went through for us. Its mnot about the Hallmark card that says you are the best Mom, bc honestly, does a $3 card repay a mother for what she does??? But about saying a sincere "Thank you" and be appreciative of our mother AND our children that made us the moms we are. So, if a woman wants to celebrate mothers day, than thats her call on how and why she does it. For the record tho, when I was pregnant with my son and ppl told me Happy Mothers Day when I was pregnant, i told them that being knocked up did not qualify me for the title of mother, nor the honor that went with it yet, but thats just me. This time tho, I have 2 kids... And I just spent the day with them. We did not do anything fancy and the best gift I got was A) very little fighting :) B) the handmade card from my son promising to do extra chores LOL and C) spending a lazy day with the wonderful brats that make me a mother :D

OhBaby!1974 1 child; Oldsmar, Florida 778 posts
May 11th '08
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*Jenn*Madisons Mommy!* 1 child; Vancouver, British Columbia 1909 posts
May 11th '08

I think its nice to have the recognition that you are carrying your SOs child and that you are a mommy-to-be. Pregnancy is not all fun and games and its nice to have a little acknowledgement of that, not that it necessarily has to come on mothers day.
My fiancee gave mea hug and a kiss and wished me a "happy mommy-to-be day" and gave me a massage.
My mom and dad bought me a Mommy-to-be card as well.
I dont think being pregnant makes you a mother at that moment but I dont think that pregnant women should be excluded completely either.

Rotten Rachel 1 child; Minnesota 447 posts
May 11th '08

Well I have no idea what being a mother is actually about. I may be preg-o, but I don't have any experience behind my belt. This child is growing in my belly, but I haven't bonded with it yet.
BUT I was flattered that I received a Mother-to-be card today. It's a nice reminder knowing that I could properly celebrate it next year, though, I probably wont, since I'm not a big holiday person anyway.

Mara Due September 27 (girl); 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38965 posts
May 12th '08
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Punkerella-nips of steel! 1 child; Cortland, New York 10891 posts
May 12th '08

I'm in the middle on this one as well..I say that yes a mother to be should recieve some recognition for mother's day...A woman who is already a mom certainly deserves a bit more ..having said that I wasn't about to turn down my hubbies offer to take me out for mexican food...:D
It's nice to be recognized regardless of the holiday ...any time folks remind you that you are special to them it's a good thing! :D

Dante's momma 1 child; Netherlands 166 posts
May 12th '08

I used to sing to Danny, before he was born, the "everybody loves you" song. (gawd it's corny, but damn if I haven't risen a few hundred levels of corniness since I got pregnant). Part of that song included "mommy loves you."

I'll be damned if that little bugger didn't have a mommy before he was born.

Mommies-to-be have already begun to raise their child, making sacrifices (albiet not nearly to the extent of mothers of children who aren't attached to their uterus) to ensure the health and safety of, and bonding with, their little one. Not to mention the physical strain, illness, and other not-so-lovely parts of pregnancy.

But I suppose even if they do celebrate their 'mommy-to-be' day it's nothing near to the extent [of specialness and sentiment] of a new mom's 'first' Mother's Day.

And I am jealous of all you body-pillow havers o:

*M3* 2 kids; Florida 11720 posts
May 12th '08
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Kristen & Sadie 1 child; Fresno, California 2992 posts
May 12th '08

'life begins at conception'

so i say YES!

RKD&QED's MOMMY 2 kids; Decatur, Georgia 432 posts
May 13th '08

I say yes I am a mother. Once i found out I was pregnant i made sure to do everything possible to try to keep my child healthy while inside the womb. Even though he isnt here yet to cry and look me in the eye, i still eat when i am hungry, take my vitamins to keep him healthy, go to doc appts to make sure everything is okay, stopped smoking for his health and mines, everytime i feel something is wrong i call the doc or go to the hospital. I buy clothes and necessities he will need. I just dont have to deal with the cries yet, but i still basically do everything else a mother who has already met their child does. except my baby is still kicking from the inside instead of screaming from the out. I hope I made since.....

♥K♥ 1 child; Oklahoma 1358 posts
May 15th '08

I got cards for mothers day & it made me uncomfortable (I'm expecting) because I don't feel like I should be celebrating it yet.
But my parents bought me a new watch so heck yes to presents.
My hubby did nothing :D
Guess that answers my question about if I have to do anything for Fathers Day this year for him!

1xmom New York 436 posts
May 15th '08

I just found this post and had to bump it... I celebrated as a "mommy to be" wiht my mom and my mil oh and DH and daddy too. My DH gave me a beautiful card that said something like "To my baby who's having my baby" and it made me feel so loved. Then we all went to breakfast and my mom and dad gave me a mom to be card as well as a card from the baby in my belly that said something along the lines of "even though I am not here yet i can't wait to come out and play and know that I already love you and ps...who is that guy rubbing your belly and saying hello in there (what a goofball). I was also given a beautiful snow globe that said mom to be and had a man wrapping his arms around a womans preggo belly.

Even though I did not expect anything along the lines of giftsfor said holiday, it was so nice just to be thought of. I did expect a mom to be card from DH but I did nt expect from anyone else. So I guess I consider myself a mom in the making:wink:

Ar~Mom of 3~ HBC~ Due September 15; 3 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2035 posts
May 15th '08

If your a good mom you feel like a mom from the minute of conception. I know I did. And my mom sent me a mommy to be happy mothers day card when I was pregnant with my first. I think they should be included for sure. Why not?