18-24M - 3T Baby Gap FS Mother-Goose 17 kids; Springfield, Massachusetts 11164 posts
Jul 5th '12

18-24M EUC Havana Maxi dress 16.50 Shipped 529241_242055712580601_1381310030_n.jpg

3T EUUUCCC Havana top 15 Shipped

2T EUC Baby Gap dress, I LOVE this dress; We have an IRL of Journey in it I will upload for anyone interested..BEAUTIFUL dress!!! 15 shipped

18-24M EUC Baby gap Gypsy top ;; 12.50 Shipped

18-24M EUC Baby Gap I believe the line is Modern Dance ruffle skirt 13 Shipped!

2T EUUUCCC Baby Gap 1969 Denim Jacket (Pic quality is bad but I have IRL's of my daughter in this too) 17 Shipped

Lawna Young Japan 1 posts
May 3rd '13

Do you happen to have any baby gap flats for sale?