He won't even let me PEE!!! *SoMeR~AiDeN* 1 child; Big Spring, Texas 3160 posts
May 10th '08 son will be 4 mos. next week and for the last few days he will fuss and cry the SECOND I step out of his sight!
I can't even use the bathroom, make something to eat, do the dishes, etc.....
He is fed, changed, and has everything he needs....why is he doing this?
As soon as I hear him fussing I always come to him and he stops the crying and usually starts smiling and laughing.
My question I let him cry for a bit longer, is he just trying to get my attention 100% of the time??

bia. 3 kids; ., ., Portugal 100681 posts
status May 10th '08

My daughter sounds just like your son,I let her cry for a little bit when my father and mother come for a visit Hazel will start fussin and they run and get her from her crib,I've had to tell them to just leave her untill she starts crying,other wise she knows she can get away with it I've never let her cry it out though.

*SoMeR~AiDeN* 1 child; Big Spring, Texas 3160 posts
May 10th '08

Thanks for replying :)
Im just sooooo exhausted all of the time lately.....I feel like I am giving him 150% of my attention and its STILL not enough *sigh*
The only reason Im even able to be on the computer right now is because he is taking a nap which is very rare for him. He barely sleeps at ALL during the day.....makes it very hard to get anything done around the house!!

TheAirForceEXWife 2 kids; Texas 30826 posts
May 10th '08

my son is the same age. and we go through the same thing. he will scream the minute i move from sight. even if his daddy is in the room. its ridiculous. i have no clue how tomake it stop. its crazy. he is even back to waking up all night.

Aeryn Sun 1 child; Japan 69599 posts
May 10th '08

Eh, Piss is the same way. They are only 4 months old. I figure, They are jsut babies and they have plenty of time later in life to be taught that you don't cater to their every whim. Like around 6 months when they start to REALLY understand, and even then, not to do it too often. But that's jsut me. Take him in there with you with you in his bouncer!

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May 10th '08

Faith did that a bit for a few weeks. I just let her have a few minutes to complain. Because everytime i talked to her she was fine.She knows how to get my attention. after about a week of me not Rushing in the second she started.. she figured, well hell it doesnt work anyways and gave up on it. now she is just fine when i leave the room.. if it bugs you that bad put him in a sling. or carry the bouncer with you...

*SoMeR~AiDeN* 1 child; Big Spring, Texas 3160 posts
May 10th '08

Thanks ladies for all of your input!

I generally put him in his bouncer and take him in the bathroom with me when I take a shower and he just sits there, I think he likes the sound of the running water, lol!
But sheesh I guess Im gonna have to start carrying him around in his bouncer wherever I go now!
I can even have him on my lap and be on the computer and he still will cry because 100% of my attention is not going to him!!

AtlasLove Due December 12; 1 child; Los Angeles, California 764 posts
May 10th '08

Blowdryer noise....
I have it downloaded. email me if you want it.

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May 11th '08
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May 12th '08
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May 12th '08
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May 13th '08
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May 14th '08

Leilany was like that when she was younger (she's 10 and half months old) I would just let her play in walker or something and she would start to fuss or cry as soon as she saw me leaving I would just talk to her in soft comforting voice I would say something like "oh don't worry I'll be right back I won't be long mommy need to ___" and I would just go ahead and go to pee or make a quick food or make a bottle for her and come back to her and say something like "im back! see that wasn't long!" in some kind of cheery voice and then comfort her now she doesn't care if I was gone for a couple of minutes

but remember it took me a while to get her to be used to me being gone for a couple of minutes but it did worth the time and effort I put into this

if you need to cook dinner you can always put him in a high chair and give him a toy to play with while he watch you cooking

tyjenkins Due June 25; 2 kids; Arvada, Colorado 626 posts
May 15th '08

my nephew, my sisters 3rd child (first boy) is like this still and he is 1.5 years old. she had to put her whole life on hold to take care of this guy!!! my neices were very independant but loved any form of attention--nolan wont even let my sister talk on the phone without throwing his toys at her or screaming in her ear....
first he was 2 weeks late... (they just used the cervical cream to get things movin and thats all it took) then he was a complete boobie baby.... feeding every 2 hours... crying untill he got his mommy..... (no one could console him) and he refused a bottle. REFUSED IT. so my sister could not leave him for longer than 3 hours (usually he screamed the whole time) she weened him with food and a sippy cup.

now... he is just a holy terror... lena can leave him, but she feels bad because he is a phycho.... no matter how child proof a house is, he finds something to destroy......

good luck! i bet every thing will be fine! but when you go potty--let him cry.... you need that alone time for at least 1 minute.

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May 15th '08
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