Raising money for Special Olympics! Whitney*JAS*BMM* 2 kids; Texas City, Texas 12660 posts
Jun 29th '12

This is my brother. He is trying to raise money even if you dont want to pass it on to anyone who you think would try to help.

Hello friends and family,

On JULY 22nd, Jesse House (my brother) and his team of monkeys have pledged to go "Over the Edge" to support the Special Olympics of Northern California. His team will be raising money and then
RAPPELLING DOWN the GRAND HYATT in DOWNTOWN San Francisco!! This is a very special annual event that asks participants to really put themselves out there to raise as much money as possible.

Please browse on over to to support my brother and give whatever you can! He's set his goal high, but we believe he can reach it with your support.

Thank you for supporting my brother, and more importantly for your support of Special Olympics athletes. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Whitney Walker

p.s. Jesse also did an event in February this year called iPolar Plunge by pledging to swim in the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay!! The event raised over $400,000 for the Special Olympics!
Please help him out!! even if its 5 bucks you are helping them raise money to go to a great cause!! if you know anyone who would be willing to help pass this on!!