Bethany Harrelson Due December 7 (boy); Winston-Salem, North Carolina 1 posts
Jul 1st '12

I'm due December 8, and i get to find out what i am having July 6 so this Friday. I will be 17 weeks and 6 days. My Hubby and i can't wait <3

samantha gregory Due December 22; 2 kids; Japan 1 posts
Jul 2nd '12
Quoting Kristin Ray:" Im due December 23 and they said Ill find out at 20 weeks. They said they can tell at 16 weeks but they wanna wait a few more weeks so they can check the skull and spine."

my due date too ill be finding out 2nd aughust 20+ weeks

Brandi Carey89 Due December 22; CHANDLERSVLLE, Ohio 3 posts
Jul 2nd '12

I will dind out august 8th at 8:45 am to see if I'm having a Payton May Lynn Carey Or a Carson Andrew David Carey!! I will be 20 weeks im 15 weeks today and this is our first child of our marriage. My husband has a 5 year old little girl from a previous Realationship!! :) So excited can't wait!!

Denise Danielle Due December 19; Japan 2 posts
Jul 3rd '12

im due dec 20th and my ultrasound to find out august 3rd 20wks and im 15 now and wishing i could find out next week its driving me crazy id like to start buying my bundle some clothes and toys!!!!!!

Monica Apolinar Due August 25; 1 child; Blue Springs, Missouri 1 posts
Jul 3rd '12

Im due december 18th with my first:), and right now i am 16 weeks. for me they scheduled the gender ultra sound when i am 23 weeks. for everyone it kind of varies and depends on your doctor though.

Brittany anne 10 Due December 23 (girl); 1 child; Homestead, Florida 44 posts
Jul 3rd '12

I'm due dec 25 and i find out July 17th :D

Brittany anne 10 Due December 23 (girl); 1 child; Homestead, Florida 44 posts
Jul 3rd '12

I'm due dec 25, 15 weeks today and i find out July 17th :D

Tina Foster Due December 24; Japan 1 posts
Jul 3rd '12

I will be finding out what I am having on August 3rd at 19 weeks 3days

Jessie S. Due December 24 (boy); 1 child; Texas 15 posts
Jul 3rd '12

Im due dec 25th and find out on aug 3rd. My last pregnacy I went for my 1st sono and my son spred wide and gave us our awnser at 12weeks!! I was shocked cuz I was told they couldnt find out til 17 to 20weeks. This time my dr said around 18weeks he will do it, but my apt got set for aug 3rd(which is right at 20weeks) cuz had to work it around my hubbys days off from work. :( I cant wait though!!!!! Congrats to you!! Waiting to find out the sex is one of the hardest parts for me, Im sure it is for you as well! :)

Shannon Fournier Due December 17 (boy); Barrie, Ontario 4 posts
Jul 4th '12

i will find out on aug 1st. my due date is dec 22 and i will be about 19 weeks. hoping for a boy!!

Mommy2Skye&Tia+1ontheway Due December 28; 34 kids; Alabama 920 posts
Jul 7th '12

My dr office dont schedule them till your 22 wks some reason, but due to me being high risk I may get one before then.

Alice Oradesky Due December 7 (boy); 1 child; Fort Smith, Arkansas 7 posts
Jul 7th '12

wish i was able to find out but my medicaid messed up so i got to wait till it comes through :(

NekaLove Due December 29 (boy); Japan 2 posts
Jul 8th '12

I'll find out August 3' n I'll b 19 weeks

Expecting.Baby.Parker Due December 30 (girl); Albury, Australia 12 posts
Jul 9th '12

I have just gone 15 weeks today, and im scheduled to find out sex in two days.
I think people usually find out in their 19/20 week scan. im finding out early as I need to know if its a boy because Ill be getting him tested for my genetic disorder :P but other then that im super excited about everything!

sashadivine Due December 16; Jersey City, New Jersey 2 posts
Jul 9th '12
SAME HERE 3 weeks & counting!! Quoting *MommyLove*:" I am scheduled to find out July 30th!"