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Jun 27th '12
Quoting MommySpurgeonX4:" Well... basically this little girl claims that being a parent is all glitter and rainbows because her ... [snip!] ... of those types that makes her life look fantastic online when in reality its not all that great. that about sums it up... :D"

Poop! That doesn't sound worth 13 pages of time to read. lol

MommySpurgeonX4 4 kids; Idaho 1508 posts
Jun 27th '12
Quoting ♥ Olive Oyl:" Poop! That doesn't sound worth 13 pages of time to read. lol"

well it was more interesting, i gave the super short summed up version :) buuut had i not been in it from the beginning i probably wouldn't spend the time to read all 13 pages either.. lol

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Jun 27th '12

Hahaha lol. Wait till they start school!

Beth~N~Lizzie 1 child; Winter Haven, Florida 2755 posts
Jun 28th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting The Doctor:</b>" Strong desire to laugh. Must. Hold. Back."</blockquote>

Mee too

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Jul 18th '12
Quoting XxWhite_RosexX:" congrats "

Thank You!

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Jul 19th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Fertile Mertile + D & C:</b>" okay then.... "</blockquote>

LOL ur picture goes well with ur comment lol