First time for everything Rain (aka Mama) 3 kids; Monroe, Georgia 6503 posts
Jun 22nd '12

...such as posting in the special needs forum. I don't know if it really "belongs" here yet, since there's no diagnosis, but still.

Serena had her 30 month well-check today. Every time we do those checklists, she's always been behind on speech and okay on pretty much everything else. But, this time she got a 0 on the speech section, and was in the "concerned" zone for every other developmental category except motor skills.

She's already in speech therapy and we're working on getting her into occupational therapy for some sensory issues, but her pedi wants us to go to a specialist and get her fully evaluated. We talked for a long time and he observed her playing in the office. He said they don't diagnose this early, but he's leaning towards high-functioning autism.

I feel weird. She really is brilliant. She just doesn't speak much and has sensory issues, and some random little quirks. I do agree with him though. We were already looking into further classes and therapy and things anyway.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this was. Just processing my thoughts.

HeyJo Due November 28; Texas 52 posts
Jun 22nd '12

My oldest son and daughter (13 and 11 years old) both were diagnosed with first Pervasive Developmental Disorder and then ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their only dely was speech in both cases, he didn't talk until almost four and she didn't speak until about three (and by that time both were in multiple early intervention programs). My youngest is considered normal and gifted, but they all are truly brilliant. It took me years to embrace their diagnoses, but I really believe that all the early intervention has made all the difference so take advantage of all the help you can get, appreciate your child for who they are no matter what, and don't dispair!!! We have learned fully that autism is merely a different way of thinking : )