Kellee Anne Due December 28; Pennsylvania 2 posts
Jun 20th '12

I was really awkward about it, I acted distance and started mumbling to myself and my mother asked what I was saying and I asked her if she remembered when I had my last period. Then we went to the store and got a pregnancy test it came back negative so I went and got blood work and it came back positive. She shared the news happily, but, my dad on the other hand didn't talk to me 'til he saw the baby on the screen at my first appointment. So, I would just come out and say it to the parent you think would react better and they will tell the other parent.

Charlie's Lovely Mommy 1 child; Granville, Massachusetts 1794 posts
Jun 21st '12

Hahah BD and I sat down with my mom and I made him say it because I was so scared. It's better to just get it out.

N's Momma☆ 1 child; Spain 2346 posts
Jun 21st '12
Quoting Miss Nour:" Hey guys , i was wondering if any of you teens had any advice when you told your parents you was/are ... [snip!] ... and i have disscussed it but were worried about the reaction ( because im 17 his 18) any advice would be great thanks x"

I haven't told my mom yet but when I do I'm gonna wait until I get my u/s and then give it to her and just tell her, lol.

krystallynne Due November 20; Tennessee 33 posts
Jun 22nd '12

im 15 so telling my parents that i thought i was preg was terrifying for me but i never rlly had to tell them my mom suspected it and got me a test so we both found out at the same time my main problum was my dad i either got an abortion or he was gonna kick me out but i stood my ground and although he dinit kick me out he dinit talk to me for 3 months but u have to tell your parents and get to a doctor for a check up ASAP their gonna yell and freak its there job but u gotta tell them