Baby Poop b**bs Magee 18 kids; Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta 1449 posts
Jun 19th '12

How do you get it out???? DD has had some blowouts and I always scrub them with sunlight laundry bar soap and then wash them with Oxy Clean. This usually works but I just pulled a couple of onsies out of the dryer (SO put them in without checking) and they are still stained :( They are so cute and she has only worn them a couple of times. Any suggestions???

bye felicia 6 kids; china, ny, United States 2522 posts
Jun 19th '12

Bleach is what I always use.. Works for me

Mrs. Dexter Morgan 18 kids; Massachusetts 37806 posts
Jun 19th '12

I use dish soap and scrub it out, then wash normally with Gain, Tide Boost packets, and fabric softener like I always do.