Fiddlesticks 1 child; 1 angel baby; Indiana 2170 posts
Jun 20th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting NewMommyXOXO:</b>" Nobody asked you b***h. Haha"</blockquote>

Lmao oh, you a bad b***h (;

KokO BuTTa 32 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 4081 posts
Jun 21st '12

lawd have mercy! this was funny....but no of course you cant have a period while your pregnant but you can have period like bleeding during so, so most people still call it their "period".

user banned 2 kids; Indiana 12251 posts
Jun 21st '12
Quoting NewMommyXOXO:" Nobody asked you b***h. Haha"

you are another child having a child. jesus.

La~La 4 kids; Houston, Texas 22036 posts
Jun 22nd '12