Pregnancy and Autism Saraneth Due January 11; 3 kids; Carmel, Maine 15467 posts
Jun 15th '12

For those of you with kids on the spectrum, how did you handle being pregnant/preparing them for L&D and a new sibling?

Vole was 21m the last time and there was no preparing her. Now that she's older (and has a baby sister) I want to prepare her more for what is happening.

She has the verbal understanding of a 10m old and the expressive skills of a 17m old. She is now 32m.

Party of FIVE! 3 kids; Romania 37572 posts
Jun 15th '12

You are pregnant??? Congrats!

I think it would be similar to a normal child, read books to her, talk about it. Let her be a huge part in your pregnancy.