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Jun 12th '12

So we pretty much all agreed that Jacob needs a "big brother" "caregiver" just someone to keep him busy during the days he's not at school. AKA summer.

But since I can't get a job or keep a job because of how much he demands of me, we have no money for that. So I called his real dad since he's really been stepping it up a lot lately(except for the time he couldn't go to Jacob's school meeting because he forgot and wasn't going to reschedule what he was doing), and said that he needed to take him for one week a month during the summer months. Also thinking this will give them good time together since when he starts 1st grade in the fall, he won't be able to take him as often.

And he said yes. But that he had to go to California to pick up his grandma's sewing machine for his mom the last week in June. I swallowed my pride and said, "Well Jacob's 6 now, take him with you" (This is a big step for me, I don't care for the family friends he stays with when he's there, they're a little kooky but ok for the most part and because of Jacob's SN) and he just shrugged it off.

Then yesterday when he came to drop off Jacob I finally squeezed it out of him. Because he's been dodging the question for the past 2 weeks whether he's going to take him or not.

They're going. For a whole week, they'll be staying with his family friends in Yorba Linda and will go to Disneyland. I'm kind of sad, but with all the improvements he's made this year(both Jacob and his dad), I know he's ok to go.

And Jacob's response? "California? Disneyland? We're DRIVING? That's like 100 hours away, we need to fly" :) Coming from the kid that will probably have to be heavily drugged just to get on an airplane. I just love him.

(for those that don't know, his SN is autism, ADHD, SPD, and a behavioral disorder.)

I worry when he goes away because of his eating habits, and it gets difficult, I often provide all of his foods and if it's not cooked the way he likes it, he could possibly throw up. This will be the first time that he's really far away from me where I can't go bail them out if it gets tough. I know I'll deal though. And just have to send good instructions as well to the family. And of course try to talk him into packing all shorts and short sleeve shirts.