Please help if you know what this is S@r@h Mississippi 518 posts
Jun 11th '12

Does anybody know what this is? I'm sorry this isn't a good pic. i'm attached one at the bottom showing you where it is at. It is a knot or something on my son's spine. His pediatrician sent him to a neurosurgeon who said he needed to go to an orthopedic doctor but his pedi never sent him because he wanted to wait and see. Now he is being seen by a PT and it may actually be causing problems but his pedi is the only one who can make a referral and please don't tell me to get a new pedi. This is actually the best one around where i live that he is going too.


Amber Waves 1 child; Charleston, South Carolina 596 posts
Jun 11th '12

It looks like it could be a cyst. I say this because I have one on my back too on the middle of my back next to my spine. It feels like a ball or a knot. It's been there for a few years now. Dont pinch on it too much, it could make it get bigger. They are usually benign. But if its causing problems for him and/or is hurting him at all the doctor should be doing something about that. They can get removed. I hope it goes away from your son very soon and that its nothing serious. Take care~good luck

S@r@h Mississippi 518 posts
Jun 11th '12

okay. thanks. i will ask the pt about that. He has had it since birth. We thought it might be spina bifida but they said it would have a hairy patch and it doesn't but it's got a patch of rough skin over it.