finallymadeit Due January 15 (boy); 32 kids; Douglas, Michigan 1 posts
Jul 19th '12

Hi, Im also high risk and due January 16th. This is my 3rd pregnancy but my 1st to make it to the 2nd Trimester due to miscarrying.

MRohrer Due January 17; Japan 1 posts
Jul 22nd '12

I am high risk, with my 3rd baby. I have a history of pre-term labor very early. Starting progesterone shots on Tuesday with weekly monitoring of my cervix and the baby. 14 weeks pregnant. The key to getting through a high risk pregnancy is positive thinking! It does wonder for your body and mind!

cmja2013 Due January 3 (boy); South Dakota 39 posts
Aug 14th '12
Quoting Shandi83:" Since there is a chance of spina bifida, did they put you on high doses of folic acid? I am high risk ... [snip!] ... gestation and a son who was born with hypoxic ischemic hypoplasia. I also have high bp and a history of gestational diabetes."

I am on folic acid and am so far seizure free which I was told only a small percent of pregnant women are lucky enough to experience with my condition!Excited.I am about 20 weeks now.