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Jun 8th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting sunкissed:</b>" I'm just going off what you said in your OP. You said you couldn't sleep. You said nothing about your ... [snip!] ... sound like he's going to. Better to be a b***h for being honest with you than to be an selfish, ignorant uneducated POS."</blockquote>

Exactly! Well said!

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Jun 8th '12
Quoting ~Cowgirl Panda~:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Brittaney Lee:</b>" like i f**king said im all ready dilated ... [snip!] ... three weeks... She never asked for an induction. I don't see your point with that comment. Self induction is still a bad idea."

A friend of mine just had her son and she was at a 5 around 35 weeks. By the time she had him she was 38 weeks and had dilated to a 7!!!! Dilation means nothing unless active contractions are consistantly causing it!

~Cowgirl Panda~ 17 kids; Surprise, Arizona 453 posts
Jun 8th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting *Candis*:</b>" A friend of mine just had her son and she was at a 5 around 35 weeks. By the time she had him she was ... [snip!] ... him she was 38 weeks and had dilated to a 7!!!! Dilation means nothing unless active contractions are consistantly causing it!"</blockquote>

Wow!! Yeah, I have heard of dilating prior to active labor, but never that much. But that just goes to show that what you said is correct - dilation doesn't mean anything unless the body is actively in labor and ready to deliver. My friend made it just under 40 weeks - her little guy was ready to make his appearance. :D Funny part about it is that she was told throughout the second half of her pregnancy that she was having a girl, and she got the shock of her life yesterday when a little boy appeared LOL! She has nothing but pink baby items, dresses, etc. but I am sure she can return some of the items if she wants to. She is just happy he is healthy and that's all that matters. :)

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Jun 8th '12

For real?
Wait until your baby is ready.
I had my daughter at 41w1d, believe me, I was miserable.
But you're straight up f**king stupid if you want to induce 2 weeks early.

He's not here yet because HE'S not ready.
I'm more than ready to meet my daughter, but you don't see me inducing labor because I "can't sleep".
Learn some patience, you'll need it once the baby actually comes.


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Jun 8th '12
Quoting October Rust:" web MD- the doctor for the lazy, cheap, and stupid"

Also, people on here aren't going to sugarcoat a response for you. You may think it's rude but they are speaking the truth. Being on here gives you good perspective on other women's experiences. There are women on here who have had babies at 37wks who've had to watch their babies be rushed to NICU. It's a very scary thing and just not something to risk. If you can go to full term then wait cause there are people who would have given anything to get to 40wks.

The best thing you can do is walk around and see what happens. If baby is ready then you will go into labor but trying anything else just isn't smart until after you are 39wks and with consent from a doctor. If you REALLY can't sleep I would suggest bringing it up to your doctor and see if he/she can give you something. But honestly the insomnia at the end of pregnancy is good preparation for the sleepless nights ahead, lol. I'm 33wks and already have bad insomnia. I get about 3hrs of sleep a night. Good Luck and hope everything works out for you.

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Jun 8th '12

I saw this when she first posted. All I could do was the whole "waiiiit for itttt....waaaaiiiittt forrrr ittttttt!" then LOL BOOM!
Ten pages later, I hope you've realized your mistake OP.

YOUR BABY AND BODY WILL DECIDE WHEN LO IS READY TO COME OUT. You keep saying the doctor says ur dilated blah blah blah..then f**king wait it out. You sound stupid by saying "my baby will be fine if it arrives two weeks early!!!"......uh no. WRONG. Your baby is ready at full term. And if your doctor is thinking about inducing, WAIT FOR THEM TO DO IT.
SWEET baby jesus. How is this shit not obvious to other people...??

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Jun 8th '12
Quoting ♥Frodolicious♥:" No, the baby is full term at 40 weeks, not 37 weeks. That's why unless there's a medical problem, no ... [snip!] ... to a baby's brain development... Kicking them out early just because you're tired of being knocked up is incredibly selfish."

My original OB was a nut! She loved to have babies on her schedule instead of letting it happen the natural way. I was induced at 38 weeks with my first child. (not knowing any better) He was a very sickly baby. I used the same OB with my second child. I went into labor naturally with her at 37 weeks and 3 days. She was a perfectly healthy baby. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't recommend induction. Just let nature take its course. I wish you the best of luck.

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Jun 8th '12
Quoting Danielle: Jack&Basil'sMom:" Try punching yourself in the face."


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Jun 9th '12

OP just because your first was 8 lbs, and healthy at 38 weeks, doesn't mean this one will be.. Your child could be 8 lbs in the womb now, and their lungs still not function fully, and develop serious problems if born early. Weight hardly means anything besides the fact that they gain weight. I've seen 10 lb babies have severe issues breathing. Moron.

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Jun 9th '12
Quoting Brittaney Lee:" like i f**king said im all ready dilated and he could come anyday now and dont need to here no more stupid ... [snip!] ... stupid shit ok i am not a bad mom i love my daughter and my son so one has the right to judge me befor they judge thereselves"

lol at thereselves. :lol:

Yeah, I have nothing to add. Everyone covered all the bases about you being stupid and selfish, I just had to express how much "thereselves" made me lol.