NICU followup appointment?? {tamz} Due April 19; 2 kids; Maryland 2549 posts
Jun 1st '12

Anyone's LO have a NICU followup appointment? Our hospital does these appointments and I'm wondering what it's going to be like. They do it when the LO's are a year or almost.

TheHandyMomma 17 kids; Chickasha, Oklahoma 42 posts
Jun 4th '12

The NICU here sent me to Nigrads for follow ups its basically a developmental evaluation, dont sweat it. He's been to one and we go again tomorrow for another. All that happens is weight height and they pretty much play with them to see where they are at developmentally.

*WishingUponAStar* 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Lawton, Oklahoma 18442 posts
Jun 5th '12

My son was supposed to have one 6 months after he got out of the NICU, but we didn't go to it since we lived 3 hours away and he was being seen by other doctors.