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schooling question Trudy 3 kids; Pennsylvania 1986 posts
May 30th '12

My 12 old son failed this year and me and my ex-husband are looking into other ways to help him next year. He has bad ADD and I had problems with the middle school he is in right now.

My ex's new wife is at home and is wanting to home school him ( cyber) but I am concerned because he has such a big problem with paying attention. She has never taught anyone either and is also due with her first baby in Oct.
I am concerned that she will not be able to teach him and have a new baby.

My other path is sending him to the other middle school in town and getting him a TSS, ( a liscened person) to sit with him through classes and help him to focus on the work and get him organized.

What would you do? I am scared that my ex is only doing this for custody and I don't want him to fall back any farther than he is already.

Rea Due January 9 (girl); 3 kids; Missouri 4228 posts
May 30th '12

Dont get me wrong, for many kids homeschooling can be great but I would really not go that way unless you have a highly motivated kid. I would look into diffrent schools or even just work with him on ways to cope. At 12 he know that he has these limitations and i would look into thinking that help him. Not a compleate lifestyle change.

A M B E R Due October 25 (girl); 1 child; Windsor, Ontario 128 posts
May 31st '12

My sister has something called 'x*x syndrome' and it's like a branch of autism. She wasn't diagnosed until the fourth grade & when she was she was able to get an in home worker that helped her with homework, my parents were separated / still are, and it took a lot of concentration to MAKE SURE she was doing what she was supposed to.
The thing that worked best was being involved. If you're involved with his schooling, it'll be easier to help him. Its also important for the teacher to be supportive and co-operative. Have he/she sign his agenda EVERY day making sure his homework is in there, sit with him and spend that hour or two it may take him to complete it, make sure he has breaks in between every few questions.
An in class worker would probably help a lot because he/she could really have that one on one with your son that he needs.