how long? :)Joseph's Mommy(: 1 child; Niota, Tennessee 117 posts
May 30th '12

how long was it before LO started staying awake most of the time? im noticing DS is at night more and asleep most during the day.

Stephani Petree 2 kids; Carnation, Washington 182 posts
May 30th '12

My daughter was born 2 days before your son and she recently just started waking up, but she was born 3wks early. She was really due May 14th. Lol how much did your son weigh?

usernametx Texas 19751 posts
May 30th '12

at 13 weeks, it happened naturally by following his cues. By 18 weeks he'd put himself on a routine of 10-12 hours at night and 3 naps during the day.