Who I love being a mom 12-2-2 Due December 5 (boy); Chicago, IL, United States 45 posts
May 30th '12

Who up I I'm bored

Christina2011 17 kids; Salem, Oregon 1674 posts
May 30th '12
Quoting I love being a mom 12-2-2:" Who up I I'm bored"

I'm up feeding DS and eating some ice cream :)

♥Blondetourage 3 kids; FORT RILEY, Kansas 35907 posts
May 30th '12

i took ambien. but im wide awake lol

Julia Schwartz 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Shelton, WA, United States 751 posts
May 30th '12

I'm up! Just watched The Green Hornet. I feel like I just wasted the past 2 hours (+/-) of my life.