Samquentin1 1 child; Independence, Missouri 9 posts
Jun 7th '12
Quoting CateF:" Hello! I just finished the first book and I'm dying to read Darker and Freed! Could someone send me the pdfs? Thanks so much!"

I can send you the second one, Darker. I dont have the third. :D

EmmaEastwood92 Japan 1 posts
Jul 22nd '12

could someone please email me a copy

Marie1011 Japan 4 posts
Jul 25th '12

Hey im new to this site and been going crazy looking for the pdf of this book and cant find it anywhere im so busy with school and broke nd taking care of my baby i cant even get the book if someone has a pdf copy i would greatly appreciate it if someone would send it to me pleaseee

azzi Japan 1 posts
Jul 28th '12

Could you email to me it too? thanks!

moxyred TTA since Mar 2008; Japan 1 posts
Apr 27th '13

If anyone is still reading these posts, I too would love a copy of this book, 50 shades freed. Have read the other two and am dying to read the third. I thought I had it from another website, but it ended up being only the first 15 pages, grrr, that was so frustrating!! lol, what a tease! So PLEASE, if you can, send me a pdf file of it to: Thanks so very much!!