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    • chocolate chip cookies w/frosting -- Votes: 3
    • carrot cake -- Votes: 3
    • hot fugde brownie w/ ice cream -- Votes: 6
    • chocolate chicken quesadilla -- Votes: 2
what is your thought? momma of an angel Due July 5 (girl); Arkansas 762 posts
May 28th '12

So maybe its cause im hungry. Maybe its cause im 34+3 weeks pregnant and craving sweets but which do yall think is better chocolate chip cookies with frosting, carrot cake, hot fugde brownie with ice cream, or yea i know it sounds yucky but just hear me out hot chicken quesadilla with chocolate :) (yes i have ate it before its good!) They are all so yummy but i got hardly any money so i gotta just pick one. Help me please what do you think sounds best? God bless you all and thank you ladies:)

Busy Momma of 2 Due September 29 (boy); 18 kids; Missouri 267 posts
May 29th '12

Now I really want a carrot cake!!! just need a good recipe and ingredients :)