anyone? valeee 2 kids; New York 19 posts
May 25th '12

In Jan I posted about my squad screen coming back abnormal for DS. I had Sofie in April and since then shes been diagnosed with brain development malformation. they said a virus called CMV caused it. Shes at high risk for seizures and shes going to suffer some mental retardation...has anybody had to go through this.

My Lil' Monsters 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Surprise, Arizona 4144 posts
May 25th '12

Oh my honey, I am so sorry to hear about your lil one. I really hope you find some answers you need. Hugs!

Mrs Mia Wallace Due August 14; 1 child; 6 angel babies; Georgia 2859 posts
May 25th '12

I've heard of it before, it's called Cytomegalovirus and usually is transmitted to child from mother before birth.
I haven't known anyone that has it but if you don't get any answers here, I'd google it and see if there is a website devoted to it or some sort of support group....I truly am sorry, mama and I'll keep you and your LO in my thoughts and prayers.

{tamz} Due April 19; 2 kids; Maryland 2549 posts
May 25th '12

OP I wish you and your family the best. When my pregnancy turned sour they thought CMV might be the culprit so I did do some looking into it and I remember coming across a few sites with a lot of stories and such. Here's what I could find:

From what I can remember CMV symptoms range on a very very large scale so it may take a while to find someone in a situation similar to yours. You should ask the Dr about support groups in your area maybe? Maybe there are support groups dealing with the symptoms your daughter has that might be beneficial as well. Good luck!